Family Learning Adventure

Our annual Family Learning event will happen this weekend, June 29th and 30th, at Camp Mokule’ia. This is a fun-filled educational event for HSDB families. Our key speaker is Sheena McFeely Mansfield. The Mansfields are a family of four that live in Austin, TX who exclusively use the vibrant American Sign Language (ASL) as their home language as well as primarily out of the home. Manny, Sheena, and their oldest daughter Shaylee are deaf while their youngest daughter Ivy is hearing. 

Sheena and her family appeared in a Born This Way episode, “Deaf Out Loud.” She is also the author of the best-selling book, Shay and Ivy: Beyond the Kingdom. The family has their own ASL program on the internet, ASLNook, available to anyone who wants to learn ASL – free.

In addition to the program for parents with Sheena, children will have plenty of activities – drama, arts and crafts, games, low and high ropes, and more – to make this an enjoyable weekend for all.