Student Body Government


Our Student Body Government at the Hawai’i School for the Deaf and the Blind has a mission to encourage and empower students to use leadership and teamwork skills and run the Student Body Government by themselves, with guidance by Student Body Government Advisors. They have general meetings every Friday of the month and set up committees to arrange events during the school year. 


  • Shall be a Junior or Senior at HSDB.
  • Preside over all meetings of the Executive Council and general meetings of the Student Body.
  • Call special meetings as needed.
  • Vote on any matter on which the Executive Council is equally divided.
  • Keep the Principal informed of all Student Body Government activities and concerning the academic affairs and student welfare.
  • Assist and encourage projects which enhance the standards of school pride, spirit, and honor.
  • With the assistance of the Executive Council, supervise and coordinate all committees.
  • Perform such other duties as are commonly performed by the President
Vice President
  • Shall be a Junior or Senior at HSDB.
  • Assist the President and perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Assist with supervising and coordinating committees.
  • Perform all other duties as delegated by the President.
  • Shall be a Middle School or High School student at HSDB.
  • Keep minutes and records of all HSDB Student Body Government meetings.
  • Type and post copies of the minutes of meetings no later than 5 school days after each meeting and send copies of the minutes to the Principals, SBG Advisors, and HSDB Upper School staff.
  • Keep a file of all official correspondence, memoranda, reports, and documents.
  • Perform duties required of this office.
  • Assist with supervising and coordinating committees.
  • Shall be a Middle School or High School student at HSDB.
  • Be responsible, with the Advisors’ assistance, for depositing Student Body Government funds in a DOE Student Body Government account.
  • Maintain an accurate record of all such funds and account.
  • Report the status of the treasury at each General SBG meeting (and other meetings as necessary).
  • Assist with supervising and coordinating committees.
Sergeant-at-Arms (2 Positions)
  • Shall be Middle School or High School students at HSDB.
  • Must follow the President’s orders.
  • Must keep order during meetings.
SBG Advisors
  • Be an ex-officio member of the Executive Council.
  • Advise the officers in their activities in connection with the Student Body Government and parliamentary procedures.
  • Advisor positions shall be filled after joint consultation between the principal, the current advisor(s) and the Student Body Government President.

Tentatively Planned Events for School Year 2019-2020


  • A Trip Around Islands: National Park (Pearl Harbor)
  • Winter Ball
  • Halloween Party
  • By-Law Review
  • Assist with Christmas Tree and Ornament Fundraiser


  • Prom
  • Senior Trip/Senior Luncheon
  • Middle School and High School Banquet
  • Valentine’s Day Party
  • Spirit Week
  • Hawaiian Winter Season (Makahiki) Games
  • Hawaiian Party
  • Ice Palace
  • Deaf Dance Battles
  • Sports Day Festival