May Day

Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind are proud to maintain our cultural influence with our students and the associated community with May Day or known as Lei Day that got started in 1928 in Honolulu as a way of keeping the culture alive for over a centuries to say “Aloha” while giving florals around the neck. The celebration often falls on May 1st as the 50th state celebrates a long-standing tradition that aligns with our school district since 1914.

With our students; we pursue to educate them through providing a school-wide performance, annually. The school performance includes every of our students providing Royal Court Procession, Gratitude Chant, several performances named below:

  • “Pearly Shells” and “Pig Boy” by Elementary Department
  • “Sons of Haka” by Middle/High School Department
  • “Lei Hoòheno” by Middle/High School Department
  • “Deaf Youth of the Pacific Rim” Middle/High School Department
  • “A May Day Creation: E Kono Mai!” HSDB Media Class
  • “The Lost Hawaií” by Ed Chevy
  • “Te Tama Moahi” by our fellow family and friends.
  • “Maui Sharing the Sun” by HSDB Alumni Club President
  • “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” by our fellow family and friends